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Code: FJ0
Brand: Moroso


Design Patricia Urquiola — 2002


In praise of the imperfect. Perfection in a piece of
shell. Fjord, a seating collection which Patricia Urquiola
designed for Moroso in 2002, turns an abstract concept
into a modern design object. Its allusive, incomplete
beauty has a natural value in its symbiosis with a broken
object smoothed by the waves and tossed on the beach.
Fjord displays an iconic shape split and regenerated
by time and water. Its light, fluid asymmetry exhibits a
traditional awareness of the relationship between form
and function in a constant pursuit of the ideal proportions.
Topstitching emphasises the seat shape to highlight,
in a continuous exchange of appearance and function,
its graceful, snug form. The Scandinavian influence –
starting with the collection’s name – is in the allusion
to Arne Jacobsen and the long cut featured on the seats
and stools, a metaphor for the typical inlets of the Nordic
Lounge chair on swivel base. Upholstery is injected
flame-retardant polyurethane foam over internal steel
frame. Swivel base is steel tube on square steel footplate.
Fabric or leather covers have same or contrast top stitch
detail. Quilt zippers can be matched to upholstery or base
Armchairs, small armchairs and stools. Injected
flame-retardant foam over internal steel frame covered in
fabric or leather. Avalaible with sled base or swivel base.
Pouf. Injected flame-retardant foam;
base is thermoformed shock-absorbent black plastic.

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