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Modern additional decorations or traditional pieces of forniture: both these elements of design are able to trasform an anonymous room into an exclusive space.  

Choose the ones which really fit you. 

Code: Alamo Brand: Lema Alamo
Code: Hati Brand: Lema Hati
Code: Selecta Brand: Lema Sistema Selecta
Code: Calliope Brand: Tonin Casa Calliope
Code: Toa Brand: Lema Toa
Code: Mimi Brand: Lema Mimi
Code: Vanity Brand: Lema Vanity
Code: Sosia Brand: Lema Sosia
Code: Daiku Brand: Lema Daiku
Code: Shift Brand: Lema Shift
Code: Pouf Brand: Lema Pouf
Code: Sign Brand: Lema Sign
Code: Bai Lu Brand: Lema Bai Lu
Code: Koala Brand: Lema Koala
Code: Per Par Pum Brand: Lema Per Par Pum
Code: Lucy Brand: Lema Lucy
Code: ZigZag Brand: Lema ZigZag
Code: Notch Brand: Lema Notch
Code: Flowers Brand: Lema Flowers
Code: Tabby Brand: Lema Tabby
Code: Plain Brand: Lema Plain
Code: Mirage Brand: Lema Mirage
Code: Fence Brand: Lema Fence
Code: Booken Brand: Lema Booken
Code: Silo Brand: Lema Silo
Code: Combo Brand: Lema Combo
Code: Mansion Brand: Lema Mansion
Code: Cruise Brand: Lema Cruise
Code: Mr. Zheng Brand: Lema Mr. Zheng
Code: Deck Brand: Lema Deck
Code: Note Brand: Lema Note
Code: Victoria Brand: Lema Victoria
Code: Victor Brand: Lema Victor
Code: Novel Brand: Lema Novel
Code: Novelist Brand: Lema Novelist
Code: Sosia Brand: Lema Sosia
Code: Dueci Brand: Lema Dueci
Code: Break Brand: Lema Break
Code: Mini Boox Brand: Desalto Mini Boox
Code: Filo Brand: Lema Filo
Code: Helsinki Brand: Desalto Helsinki
Code: Jump Brand: Lema Jump
Code: Fill Brand: Desalto Fill
Code: Wow Brand: Lema Wow
Code: Double Me Brand: Desalto Double Me
Code: Bamboo Brand: Lema Bamboo
Code: Armida Brand: Desalto Armida
Code: 3-Pod Brand: Lema 3-Pod
Code: Net Storage Brand: Lago Net Storage
Code: Thera Brand: Lema Thera
Code: Et Voilà Storage Brand: Lago Et Voilà Storage
Code: Shade Brand: Lema Shade
Code: Air Storage Brand: Lago Air Storage
Code: Memo Brand: Lema Memo
Code: Air Shelf Brand: Lago Air Shelf
Code: Shelf & Storage Brand: Lago Diagolinea Shelf &...
Code: Shelf 2 Brand: Lago Weightless Shelf
Code: Storage Brand: Lago Lagolinea Storage
Code: Shelf Brand: Lago Lagolinea Shelf
Code: Continua Brand: Pallucco Continua
Code: LT0 Brand: Moroso Terreria
Code: Recta Brand: Alf DaFre Recta
Code: Nobel Brand: Alf DaFre Nobel
Code: Musa Brand: Alf DaFre Musa
Code: Metropolis Brand: Alf DaFre Metropolis
Code: Rock Garden Brand: Pallucco Rock Garden
Code: Cartalegno Brand: Alf DaFre Cartalegno
Code: Ring Brand: Pallucco Ring
Code: Rigadin Brand: Alf DaFre Rigadin
Code: Rainy Day Brand: Pallucco Rainy Day
Code: Papiro Brand: Pallucco Papiro
Code: Orly Brand: Pallucco Orly
Code: Joiin Brand: Pallucco Joiin
Code: Grid Brand: Pallucco Grid
Code: Graffiti Brand: Pallucco Graffiti
Code: Glow Brand: Pallucco Glow
Code: Gilda Brand: Pallucco Gilda
Code: Fortuny Brand: Pallucco Fortuny
Code: Fold Brand: Pallucco Fold
Code: Faro Next Brand: Pallucco Faro Next
Code: Mir Brand: Desalto Mir
Code: Egg Brand: Pallucco Egg
Code: Helsinki Brand: Desalto Helsinki
Code: Crinolina Brand: Pallucco Crinolina
Code: Crown Brand: Desalto Crown
Code: Coral Brand: Pallucco Coral
Code: Sail Brand: Desalto Sail
Code: Collapsible Moon Brand: Pallucco Collapsible Moon
Code: Hang Brand: Desalto Hang
Code: Bolle Brand: Pallucco Bolle
Code: Rugs Brand: Lago Rugs
Code: Asnago Vender Brand: Pallucco Asnago Vender
Code: Sideboards Brand: Lago Sideboards
Code: Alexandra Brand: Pallucco Alexandra
Code: Next Basic Brand: Pallucco Next Basic
Code: Yoko Brand: Foscarini Yoko
Code: DL4 Brand: Moroso Pillows
Code: Uto Brand: Foscarini Uto
Code: DL3 Brand: Moroso Perf- Sideboard
Code: Skoop Brand: Bonaldo Skoop
Code: Twiggy Brand: Foscarini Twiggy XL
Code: DL0 Brand: Moroso Ego Stud-Mirror
Code: Skipping Brand: Bonaldo Skipping
Code: Tress Brand: Foscarini Tress
Code: DL4 Brand: Moroso Aircraft-Mirror
Code: Rest too Brand: Bonaldo Rest too
Code: Plass Media Brand: Foscarini Plass Media
Code: RO1 Brand: Moroso Sardinian rugs Carpet
Code: Mirtillo Brand: Bonaldo Mirtillo
Code: Magneto Brand: Foscarini Magneto
Code: DW0 Brand: Moroso Dew
Code: Lei hi Brand: Bonaldo Lei hi
Code: Lumiere Brand: Foscarini Lumiere
Code: BR0 Brand: Moroso Brook
Code: Hoppy Brand: Bonaldo Hoppy
Code: Kurage Brand: Foscarini Kurage
Code: AR1 Brand: Moroso Anomaly
Code: Filly too Brand: Bonaldo Filly too
Code: Gregg Brand: Foscarini Gregg
Code: Amaca Brand: Moroso Amaca
Code: Clip Clip F Brand: Bonaldo Clip Clip F
Code: Esa Brand: Foscarini Esa
Code: ZF0 Brand: Moroso Z–Shelf shelves
Code: Bonnie Brand: Bonaldo Bonnie
Code: Doll Brand: Foscarini Doll
Code: Loto W too Brand: Bonaldo Loto W too
Code: Caboche Brand: Foscarini Caboche
Code: Lamina too Brand: Bonaldo Lamina too
Code: Buds Brand: Foscarini Buds
Code: Plumage Brand: Bonaldo Plumage
Code: Birdie Brand: Foscarini Birdie- Birdie Metal
Code: Birba Brand: Bonaldo Birba
Code: Binic Brand: Foscarini Binic
Code: Viento Brand: Bonaldo Viento
Code: Behive Brand: Foscarini Behive
Code: Poly Brand: Bonaldo Poly
Code: Anisha Brand: Foscarini Anisha
Code: Pangea Brand: Bonaldo Pangea
Code: Abajourd'hui Brand: Flos Abajourd'hui
Code: Giuseppina Brand: Bonaldo Giuseppina
Code: Foglio Brand: Flos Foglio
Code: Blues Brand: Bonaldo Blues
Code: Button Brand: Flos Button
Code: Napi Brand: Bonaldo Napi
Code: KTribe Wall Brand: Flos KTribe Wall
Code: Loto W Brand: Bonaldo Loto W
Code: Moni Brand: Flos Moni
Code: Lyu Brand: Bonaldo Lyu
Code: Pochette Brand: Flos Pochette
Code: Ballerina Brand: Bonaldo Ballerina
Code: Clessidra Brand: Flos Clessidra
Code: Angelina Brand: Bonaldo Angelina
Code: GY6.35 Brand: Flos Skygarden Recessed GY6.35
Code: Jag Brand: Bonaldo Jag
Code: Hide Brand: Flos Hide Large
Code: Gloria Brand: Bonaldo Gloria
Code: Ariette Brand: Flos Ariette
Code: Skip Brand: Bonaldo Skip
Code: Taraxacum ceiling Brand: Flos Taraxacum 88 Ceiling/Wall
Code: Angel Brand: Bonaldo Angel
Code: Clara Brand: Flos Clara
Code: Gilda Brand: Bonaldo Gilda
Code: Ontherocks HL Brand: Flos Ontherocks HL
Code: Rest Brand: Bonaldo Rest
Code: Wan Ceiling Brand: Flos Wan Ceiling/Wall
Code: Balou Brand: Bonaldo Balou
Code: Glo-Ball Ceiling Brand: Flos Glo-Ball Ceiling
Code: Mirta Brand: Bonaldo Mirta
Code: 265 Brand: Flos 265
Code: Deli Brand: Bonaldo Deli
Code: IC Lights Brand: Flos IC Lights Ceiling
Code: Eral Brand: Bonaldo Eral
Code: Smithfield Ceiling Brand: Flos Smithfield Ceiling
Code: Razor Brand: Bonaldo Razor
Code: Real Matter Brand: Flos Real Matter
Code: Junan Brand: Bonaldo Junan
Code: Zeppelin Brand: Flos Zeppelin 2
Code: Kuva Brand: Bonaldo Kuva
Code: Can Can Brand: Flos Can Can
Code: Kamar Brand: Bonaldo Kamar
Code: Wan Brand: Flos Wan Suspension
Code: My Time Brand: Bonaldo My Time
Code: Smithfield Brand: Flos Smithfield Suspension
Code: Tip Toe Brand: Bonaldo Tip Toe
Code: 2097/50 Brand: Flos 2097/50
Code: Venere Brand: Bonaldo Venere
Code: Glo-Ball Brand: Flos Glo-Ball
Code: By Brand: Bonaldo By
Code: 2620 Brand: Flos 2620
Code: Alanda Brand: Bonaldo Alanda
Code: Aim Brand: Flos Aim and Aim Small
Code: Sheryl Brand: Bonaldo Sheryl
Code: Chasen Brand: Flos Chasen
Code: Kayla Brand: Bonaldo Kayla
Code: Romeo Louis II Brand: Flos Romeo Louis II
Code: Flute Brand: Bonaldo Flute
Code: Nebula Brand: Flos Nebula
Code: Lamina Brand: Bonaldo Lamina
Code: Taraxacum 2 Brand: Flos Taraxacum 2
Code: Ketch Brand: Bonaldo Ketch
Code: Romeo Moon Brand: Flos Romeo Moon
Code: Filly Brand: Bonaldo Filly
Code: Skygarden Brand: Flos Skygarden
Code: Milano Brand: Tonin Casa Milano
Code: Ray Brand: Flos Ray Suspension
Code: Vivienne Brand: Tonin Casa Vivienne
Code: Fucsia Brand: Flos Fucsia
Code: Sorrento Brand: Tonin Casa Sorrento
Code: Splügen Bräu Brand: Flos Splügen Bräu
Code: Sorbona Brand: Tonin Casa Sorbona
Code: Taraxacum Brand: Flos Taraxacum
Code: Simply Brand: Tonin Casa Simply
Code: Shade Brand: Flos Shade
Code: Scarlet Brand: Tonin Casa Scarlet
Code: SuperArchimoon Brand: Flos SuperArchimoon
Code: Regina Brand: Tonin Casa Regina
Code: Bibliotheque Nationale Brand: Flos Bibliotheque Nationale
Code: Portofino Brand: Tonin Casa Portofino
Code: Ipnos Brand: Flos Ipnos
Code: Plaza Brand: Tonin Casa Plaza
Code: Fantasma Brand: Flos Fantasma
Code: Navarra Brand: Tonin Casa Navarra
Code: Chrysalis Brand: Flos Chrysalis
Code: Mivida Brand: Tonin Casa Mivida
Code: Arco Brand: Flos Arco
Code: Madeleine Brand: Tonin Casa Madeleine
Code: Superloon Brand: Flos Superloon
Code: Lisetta Brand: Tonin Casa Lisetta
Code: Miss K Brand: Flos Miss K
Code: Kosmos Brand: Tonin Casa Kosmos
Code: Aoy Brand: Flos Aoy
Code: Hole Brand: Tonin Casa Hole
Code: Archimoon Brand: Flos Archimoon
Code: Felix Brand: Tonin Casa Felix
Code: Chapo Brand: Flos Chapo
Code: Charonne Brand: Tonin Casa Charonne
Code: Spun Light Brand: Flos Spun Light
Code: Charm Brand: Tonin Casa Charm
Code: Miss Sissi Brand: Flos Miss Sissi
Code: Aria Easy Brand: Tonin Casa Aria Easy
Code: Biagio Brand: Flos Biagio
Code: Aragona Brand: Tonin Casa Aragona
Code: Guns Brand: Flos Guns – Table Gun
Code: Fli Brand: Bonaldo Fli
Code: Adria Brand: Tonin Casa Adria
Code: Chat Brand: Bonaldo Chat
Code: Softer than Steel Brand: Desalto Softer than Steel
Code: Kelvin Edge Brand: Flos Kelvin Edge
Code: Kime Brand: Bonaldo Kime
Code: Wok Brand: Desalto Wok
Code: Kelvin Led Brand: Flos Kelvin Led
Code: Menù Brand: Bonaldo Menù
Code: Trace Brand: Desalto Trace
Code: Tatou Brand: Flos Tatou
Code: Sol Brand: Bonaldo Sol
Code: Sand Light Brand: Desalto Sand Light
Code: Romeo Moon Brand: Flos Romeo Moon
Code: Tom Brand: Bonaldo Tom
Code: Sand Air Brand: Desalto Sand Air
Code: Ktribe Brand: Flos KTribe
Code: Mille Brand: Bonaldo Mille
Code: Sand Brand: Desalto Sand
Code: D’E-light Brand: Flos D’E-light
Code: Vanessa Brand: Bonaldo Vanessa
Code: Ply Brand: Desalto Ply
Code: Ray Brand: Flos Ray T
Code: Still Brand: Bonaldo Still
Code: Path Brand: Desalto Path
Code: Snoopy Brand: Flos Snoopy
Code: Match Brand: Bonaldo Match
Code: Nara Brand: Desalto Nara
Code: Piani Brand: Flos Piani
Code: Welded Brand: Bonaldo Welded
Code: Lisbona + Riga Brand: Desalto Lisbona + Riga
Code: Goldman Brand: Flos Goldman
Code: Gap Brand: Bonaldo Gap
Code: Koki Brand: Desalto Koki
Code: Tab Table Brand: Flos Tab Table
Code: Flag Brand: Bonaldo Flag
Code: Kobe Brand: Desalto Kobe
Code: Gatto Brand: Flos Gatto
Code: Twice Brand: Bonaldo Twice
Code: Ike Brand: Desalto Ike
Code: Medley Brand: Bonaldo Medley
Code: Endless Brand: Desalto Endless
Code: Mayday Brand: Flos May Day
Code: Greeny Brand: Bonaldo Greeny
Code: 288 Brand: Desalto 288
Code: Lampadina Brand: Flos Lampadina
Code: Tracks Brand: Bonaldo Tracks
Code: DL0 Brand: Moroso Stud
Code: Copycat Brand: Flos Copycat
Code: Octa Brand: Bonaldo Octa
Code: DL2 Brand: Moroso Shortwave
Code: Ic Brand: Flos IC Lights
Code: Prora Brand: Bonaldo Prora
Code: DL0 Brand: Moroso Rock
Code: Bonjour Brand: Flos Bonjour
Code: Hulahoop Brand: Bonaldo Hulahoop
Code: DL5 Brand: Moroso Hungry
Code: Serena Brand: Flos Serena
Code: Amond Brand: Bonaldo Amond
Code: FT0 Brand: Moroso Float
Code: Extrat Brand: Flos Extra T
Code: TL Brand: Bonaldo TL
Code: NU0 Brand: Moroso 3Nuns stool
Code: Yang Brand: Artemide Yang
Code: Big Table Brand: Bonaldo Big Table
Code: AR0 Brand: Moroso Arco
Code: Prometeo Brand: Artemide Prometeo
Code: Mass Table Brand: Bonaldo Mass Table
Code: ON0 Brand: Moroso 1Skin chair
Code: Fiamma Brand: Artemide Fiamma 15
Code: AX Brand: Bonaldo AX
Code: WB0 Brand: Moroso Wood Bikini
Code: Wave Brand: Tonin Casa Wave
Code: TW0 Brand: Moroso TV–chair
Code: Cabildo Floor Brand: Artemide Cabildo floor
Code: Ventaglio Brand: Tonin Casa Ventaglio
Code: ST1 Brand: Moroso St. Mark
Code: Yanzi Table Brand: Artemide Yanzi table
Code: Tokyo Brand: Tonin Casa Tokyo
Code: MU0 Brand: Moroso Moon
Code: Tempio Brand: Artemide Tempio
Code: Roma Brand: Tonin Casa Roma
Code: Meadowy Brand: Moroso Meadowy
Code: Talak professional Brand: Artemide Talak professional
Code: Rizoma Brand: Tonin Casa Rizoma
Code: MA3 Brand: Moroso Mathilda
Code: Sisifo Brand: Artemide Sisifo
Code: Manhattan Brand: Tonin Casa Manhattan
Code: KE0 Brand: Moroso Kenny
Code: Shogun Brand: Artemide Shogun
Code: Light Brand: Tonin Casa Light
Code: HE1 Brand: Moroso Heel
Code: Pausania Brand: Artemide Pausania
Code: Imperial Brand: Tonin Casa Imperial
Code: DZ0 Brand: Moroso Double Zero
Code: Gaya & Big Gaya Brand: Tonin Casa Gaya & Big Gaya
Code: DT0 Brand: Moroso Diatom
Code: Onfale Brand: Artemide Onfale
Code: Firenze & Big Firenze Brand: Tonin Casa Firenze & Big Firenze
Code: BG0 Brand: Moroso Biknit
Code: Objective Brand: Artemide Objective
Code: Eliseo & Big Eliseo Brand: Tonin Casa Eliseo & Big Eliseo
Code: 016 Brand: Moroso Big Mama
Code: NH1217 Brand: Artemide NH1217
Code: Dafne Brand: Desalto Dafne
Code: 006 Brand: Moroso Antibodi
Code: Nessino Brand: Artemide Nessino
Code: Colosseo & Big Colosseo Brand: Tonin Casa Colosseo & Big Colosseo
Code: 036 Brand: Moroso Bouquet
Code: Mezzachimera Brand: Artemide Mezzachimera
Code: Capri Brand: Tonin Casa Capri
Code: BH0 Brand: Moroso Bohemian
Code: Butterfly Brand: Tonin Casa Butterfly
Code: 011 Brand: Moroso Armada
Code: Mendori Brand: Artemide Mendori
Code: brooklyn Brand: Tonin Casa brooklyn
Code: Melampo Brand: Artemide Melampo, Melampo notte
Code: Brenta Brand: Tonin Casa Brenta
Code: Logico Brand: Artemide Logico, Logico mini table
Code: Arpa Brand: Tonin Casa Arpa
Code: Lesbo Brand: Artemide Lesbo
Code: Twister Brand: Desalto Twister
Code: La Petite Brand: Artemide La Petite
Code: Softer than Steel Brand: Desalto Softer than Steel
Code: Laguna Brand: Artemide Laguna 16, 26, 37
Code: Mixit + Mixit Glass Brand: Desalto Mixit + Mixit Glass
Code: Ipparco Brand: Artemide Ipparco
Code: Mini Clay Brand: Desalto Mini Clay
Code: Fato Brand: Artemide Fato
Code: Liko Glass Brand: Desalto Liko Glass
Code: Equilibrist Brand: Artemide Equilibrist
Code: Icaro 015 Brand: Desalto Icaro 015
Code: Empatia Brand: Artemide Empatia 16, 26, 36
Code: Hexagon Brand: Desalto Hexagon
Code: Eclisse Brand: Artemide Eclisse
Code: Helsinki 15 Brand: Desalto Helsinki 15
Code: Dioscuri Brand: Artemide Dioscuri 14, 25, 35, 42
Code: Element Brand: Desalto Element
Code: Demetra Brand: Artemide Demetra, Demetra micro
Code: Tender Brand: Desalto Tender
Code: Decomposè Brand: Artemide Decomposé light
Code: Skin Brand: Desalto Skin
Code: Dalù Brand: Artemide Dalù
Code: Mac Brand: Desalto Mac
Code: Choose Brand: Artemide Choose
Code: Link Brand: Desalto Link
Code: Castore Brand: Artemide Castore 14, 25, 35
Code: Liko Glass Brand: Desalto Liko Glass
Code: Boalum Brand: Artemide Boalum
Code: Kobe Brand: Desalto Kobe
Code: Alfa Brand: Artemide Alfa
Code: Icaro 015 Brand: Desalto Icaro 015
Code: Iblea Brand: Desalto Iblea
Code: Helsinki 30 Brand: Desalto Helsinki 30
Code: fan Brand: Desalto Fan
Code: Every + Grid Brand: Desalto Every + Grid
Code: Element Brand: Desalto Element
Code: Clay Brand: Desalto Clay
Code: 25 Brand: Desalto 25
Code: DL0 Brand: Moroso Xraydio
Code: DL1 Brand: Moroso Piston
Code: DL1 Brand: Moroso My Moon My Mirror
Code: DL3 Brand: Moroso Hexxed
Code: DL4 Brand: Moroso Pylon
Code: DL0 Brand: Moroso Overdyed
Code: DL4 Brand: Moroso Nizza
Code: UK0 Brand: Moroso Ukiyo
Code: TI0 Brand: Moroso Tia Maria
Code: DO1 Brand: Moroso Schellmann collection
Code: SH0 Brand: Moroso Shanghai Tip
Code: R01 Brand: Moroso Roger
Code: PH0/BM0 Brand: Moroso Phoenix + Bloomy
Code: NW0 Brand: Moroso No–waste
Code: NE1 Brand: Moroso Net table
Code: NA0 Brand: Moroso Nanook
Code: MK0 Brand: Moroso Mark table
Code: KU0 Brand: Moroso Kub
Code: FB0 Brand: Moroso Fishbone table
Code: CH0 Brand: Moroso Countach
Code: CL0 Brand: Moroso Clood
Code: BA1 Brand: Moroso Baobab
Code: CP0 Brand: Moroso Capitello
Code: MG0 Brand: Moroso Morning Glory
Code: BY0 Brand: Moroso Byobu
Code: AR1 Brand: Moroso Armada