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Code: BH0
Brand: Moroso


Design Patricia Urquiola — 2008
A contemporary reinterpretation of a classic.
Giving a new spin to button tufting, revolutionizing
the concept. A sort of luxury patchwork which,
when worn, gives the piece a nomadic, global spirit.
Armchairs and chaise longue. Injected flameretardant
polyurethane foam over internal resin frame.
Swivel base for armchairs and fixed base for chaise
longue; base is steel with powder coat finish.
The Bohemian collection covers are removable.
Sofas. Injected flame-retardant polyurethane
foam over internal resin and wood frame.
Feet in polypropylene. The optional back and seat pillows
are in goose down. Sofas include 2 back cushions.
List of attachments:
BOHEMIAN, Moroso furniture